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PLE Computers Physical store

Good store, with a good range and decent prices.


I am an IT technician, and this is my go to store for computer parts in the northern suburbs. This is also where I tell my customers to go when I don't want them to get ripped off. The range of products is good, prices are decent, and the staff are helpful. The only thing that keeps this from a 5 star rating is that sometimes there is a long line, and not enough staff rostered at the counter to assist.


EarlPerth, WA


Hidden Money Grab Scheme


I ordered a product online (which took FOREVER to turn up) to only realise that 30 days later after not reading the T&Cs correctly that I was charged an ongoing monthly subscription fee. If i wasn't on top of my bank account i would never have realised I had signed up for that - the clause is hidden right in the body of the T&Cs. I cancelled my unknown subscription immediately and reached out to Kogan who hid behind their T&Cs clause and said I should have read the full contract before hitting accept. Scam. Never buy from them.

Emilie - a happy custome

Emilie - a happy customeSydney, NSW

AAMI Car Insurance



Have used AAMI for over 10 years for insurance. my car has broken down and the mechanic i have used for over 10 years is 21km away. AAMI has a limit of 20km, they refused to tow it the extra km and now i need to pay for a tow truck.




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xổ số khánh hòa 3 miền

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